About Us

No one can deny the majesty of a hookah!

Magix We have all grown up seeing the resplendent settings in the households of royalty, nobility, and gentry, on TV and in ancient paintings.

Many antique hookas used by great emperors and historical figures, made of precious metals and stones, are still preserved in museums. A hookah automatically imparts a regal bearing on a person, something we all love to feel one time or the other. It is the thrill of this feeling that pulls us again and again to a hookah, the feeling of something commonplace turned into something magical.

Of course, it is not just that which attracts us to hookahs. If you are here, you probably already know how much fun it is going for a hookah outing with friends.

Some of you might even have a tradition of doing this every once in a while. You might have an exclusive gang that you go out with for your hookah fix. But going out is not always possible or reasonable. So, if love for the hookah is a unifying factor in your group, then it is time you made a more permanent commitment to it and brought it home.

We Have Great To Touch With You!!